Thursday, 18 July 2013

Healthy Fitness Tips

I believe in prevention, that is reducing the chances of unhealthy problems, diseases, injuries and raising the chances of healthy, out of problem life or chances of recovery. For example get your spinal posture right and half the problems vanish. Exercises make you sharper, and your mood better.

 The main question arising is how much or how often you have to exercise, or how soon in life? Do you have to exercise everyday? or every other day? At what age to begin? Morning or evening? Those who are asking these type of questions themselves or asking to someone will never start a normal exercise plan. Even if they finally starts to do something it is not going to last for long. Some level of physical activity, even started in early life, like walking one to three times a week can really impact the body and the brain. So my first suggestion is always keep moving. Taking a walk with someone you like and having a chat will be a great work.

 Quick Fitness Tips
  • Breathe long. We should practice breathing exercises to advance our lung capacity.
  • Movements are what makes your joints and muscles healthy; so move and be active as much as possible.
  • Swim for at least 30 minutes is good over any other form of exercise. Swimming makes you use your entire body mass and muscles and you attain the perfect posture.
  • Always remember to stretch during pre-and post-physical activity.
  • Make sure that you are taking a balanced calorie intake- just five percent fat and fifteen percent protein. Give a minimum of three hours gap after dinner and before you go to sleep.
 Walking lowers metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome have at least some of the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes- excess weight in the abdomen, high blood pressure, low levels of good cholesterol, high triglycerides, elevated blood glucose levels. Many people of excess weight have metabolic syndrome, but people of normal weight can develop it too.
A study showed that adults who were some what active had a better chance of avoiding metabolic syndrome than those who walked the least. . Those who walked more for some additional 1000 steps than others showed a 8-13 percent decrease in large waist, increased levels of good cholesterol and decreased levels of triglycerides. Since the study didn't prove a cause-and -effect relationship between walking and lowered odds of metabolic syndrome, but one thing is sure that people who have metabolic syndrome are less active because of it.
Any way the amount of walking people do is vitally important for their health. Some thing is better than nothing, and some thing more than that is even better.

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