Thursday, 18 July 2013

Exercise for Health and Wellness

Among the several ways to find balance and regain health, the first requirement is our willing participation. What we do for ourselves in our daily practice is much more important for improving our health than anything a doctor can do. Healthy practices means proper daily routine, diet, exercise, and understanding the principles of wholeness. A doctor's help becomes necessary when we are unable to recover our health through our own efforts. But the help of doctor(treatment) is temporary, however, when we allow ourselves to go out of balance through improper diet, exercise, daily routine and lack of preventive maintenance. There is no substitute for right living. In the long run only we are responsible for our health.

  • Meditation: daily meditation can bring contentment and peace into your life. It is detoxification for the mind. Because meditation comes in many forms, it may be helpful to take some lessons to find the method most suitable for you.

  • No Anger, No Worry: Emotions always create imbalance in the body. It is a fact that for many of us, this seems impossible; but, as much as possible, we need to avoid situations that tend to cause worry and upset. If your job creates anger and upset, you may need to find a different job.If you are constantly worried about finances, you may need to reduce your overhead to reduce stress. Rather than carrying anger in our body, we need to forgive and (try to) forget.

  • Forgiveness: the physiology of forgiveness is more powerful than any existing medicine. Letting go of anger and resentment is very healing. There is nothing we can do that will help more than to forgive those with whom we are angry, even though we believe they may deserve punishment! Forgiveness is not easy, but it's necessary.

  • Avoid Late Night Activities: when we begin a project in the evening we engage our mind and emotions with the intensity to follow through to completion whatever we are doing. This stimulation will tend to keep as from falling asleep or having a peaceful night. The early evening should be winding-down part of the day; this is a time to decrease more intense activities, not to begin them.

  • The Practice of Yoga: yoga postures (asanas) will help restore mind/body coordination, and are generally appropriate for every one.

  • Sun Salutations: the yoga postures called Sun Salutations is an excellent way to start the day. If done gently, without strain, most people can benefit from these postures, adding flexibility and strength to the whole body. Start with up to six sets of sun salutations.

  • Rest During Menstrual Cycle (Female): taking rest during the first couple of days is very important. If total rest is not possible, getting as much rest as possible during these days is a must. However, if you are working, your employer may not think it a good idea to stay home during this time, and you may not feel able to take days off and forfeit the income. However, do what you can; rest when you can.

So by following a well-defined program of diet, exercises, daily practices, well-being activities, we can learn to nurture ourselves, thus achieve greater strength and insight for achieving our destiny.

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