Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wild Turmeric, Curcuma Aromatica, Medical Herb

Wild turmeric or Kasturi manjal
Wild turmeric or Cochin turmeric or Kasturi manjal or Yellow zedoary is a wild plant which has got many health benefits.
Botanical name: Curcuma aromatica Salisb.
Family: Zingiberaceae
In other languages: Kasturi manjal(Malayalam); Wild turmeric, Cochin turmeric, Yellow zedoary(English); Aranyaharida, Vanaharida, Kastooriharida(Sanskrit); Jungali haldi, Ban haldi(Hindi).

Wild turmeric can be called as the beauty in the wild as it is a key component in most of the ayurvedic beauty care products. Wild turmeric powder, used in skin care treatments and in face packs, improves complexion, helps to fight with diseases like ring worms, eczema, scabies and fungal infections and keeps skin cool. It can detoxify the pollutants and the same way nourish and tone the skin.

The antioxidant property of wild turmeric protects the skin against air pollution and the vagaries of tropical climate. This property also aids in slowing down the ageing of skin, keeping skin youthful and wrinkle-free for longer years. It also helps repair damage to skin tissues and prevents diseases linked to skin bacteria.

Its antiseptic properties are used as an additive in cosmetics and medicines to help soothe and cleanse irritated skin. It is also used for relieving pain and for its ant-inflammatory effect.

Wild turmeric is available in market in fresh, dried tuber and in powder form. Though there are no classical ayurvedic combinations with this drug as an ingredient, it is traditionally used in India as a beauty care herb.Turmeric is also available in capsule form now, and is better to take it under medical supervision. 

 Though Curcuma longa and Curcuma aromatica belong to the same group, the latter leaves no stain after application.

As a face pack- Use wild turmeric powder as a face cleanser. Mix chickpea flour or rice flour and this powder in equal proportions and store in an airtight bottle. Add a little yogurt, milk or soy milk to a teaspoon of this powder to make a paste. Apply the paste to face evenly and wait for sometime to become a semi-dry condition. Wash the paste off with water. In India this is used by women instead of facial cleanser to exfoliate and brighten skin.

To cure acne, pimple- Take sufficient quantity of aromatica powder and mix it with honey till it becomes a soft paste. Apply on face as a thin coating. Keep it for one hour and wash with warm water.

To prevent growth of facial hair- If applied regularly, the growth of very thin facial hair(especially for girls) can be prevented. Men can also applied for enhancing the glow on their skin, as it would not cause them any damage.

For glowing skin- Add a pinch of aromatica powder to a moisturizer or other cosmetic products and apply on the body before a bath. It will add glow to the skin and also protects from skin diseases. It is best to use it at night and wash off in the morning with a gentle cleanser.

As a medical herb-  Wild turmeric got strong antibiotic properties. In Chinese medicine it is believed to cure cancer. Wild turmeric can lower the high cholesterol levels, reduce the aggregation of platelets and can reduce inflammation.

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